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“Social measures” can refer to both the act of evaluating the state of a socially-linked phenomenon (e.g. infant mortality), and taking action to create better outcomes (e.g. enacting a paid family leave policy).  We’re looking to better understand what happens day to day in our own society, and we’re looking to have a collaborative dialogue about how we can all work to build a healthier, happier, friendlier society.

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We gather facts and stats from peer-reviewed or otherwise reputable sources and disseminate them to the general American public in hopes of educating and sparking dialogue.

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Having a discussion

Within the overlap of our common values — for example, that virtually everyone would like to see fewer babies die — is a measure that we can enact to achieve this desired outcome. We must interact and discuss our common values not as political adversaries but as fellow humans.

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Join Us?

If you care about others, if you want to build a better society, healthier and happier communities, we would love to have you involved.  Politics don’t matter to us.  Compassion does.  We believe that everyone has someone to contribute.

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